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Oy Labcor AB

CE-marked, welded steel structures conforming to the EN1090-1 standard in execution classes EXC1, EXC2 and EXC3.

Oy Labcor Ab

Sammonkatu 1

39530 Kilvakkala Ikaalinen


+358 45 6939 444


Business ID 1898581-3

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Sales contact details

Sales, quotations, project manager

Pasi Peltokangas

+358 45 185 0911

Sales of welded beams and other subcontracting, quotation calculation

+358 45 624 8280

Sending quality documents



Administration contact details

Managing director

Stefan Autero


+358 40 832 1902

Head Welding Coordinator

Samuli Saarela

IWE F100342, IWI-C F100229

+358 50 582 1689

Billing information

We prefer to receive electronic invoices.

E-invoice address:

Operator: Maventa

Operator ID: 003721291126

E-invoicing address: 003718985813

Operator ID when sending from the banking network: DABAFIHH

Purchase invoices on paper can be sent to our office or to the following address:

Oy Labcor Ab


PL 100

80020 Kollektor Scan


Email invoices can be sent in PDF format to or

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